100% of donations go to the dogs! Our sponsors help us cover the costs of printing & marketing our calendar. Donations like yours are prioritized for high need dogs; covering vet bills, housing, and other operational costs at local Iowa Pitbull rescues & shelters. We work really hard to keep costs low to ensure that the majority of the money can be used for saving our beloved breed and investing in breed education for the general public. 

If you are not able to part with your hard earned cash at the moment, we also take other donations. Dog toys, food, treats, blankets, and other supplies will be dispersed among the local Pitbull shelters that we work with. We are open to any creative donations and will be happy to work with your ideas. 

Don't forget that we have volunteer opportunities available to anyone willing to donate time to our cause. Come hang out with us! We promise to pay you in hugs & Pitbull kisses.


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