Bombshells & Pitbulls will provide education and raise awareness about dog adoption and dog breed specific issues. Our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social consciousness about the cause on a local level, and to hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate assistance to dog shelters and care takers regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion.
Bombshells & Pitbulls want to share their passion for the Pitbull breed by creating innovative programs to benefit our local community. These include helping local Pitbull shelters and assisting with shelter intervention efforts for low-income pet owners.


Amy is a vet tech with a deep love for bullies! Amy’s pitbull Chip recently passed away, and she is currently without a puppy until her human babies get a little older.


Amy owns a dog treat business selling grain free, meat free, dairy free dog treats. She also models occasionally and enjoys the pinup & hotrod culture.


Shannon is a passionate social worker who is invested in creating a diverse culture in the Des Moines art scene. Her pitbull Mojo has recently passed away, but she and her family are still able to cuddle with their wild bully, Maybelle.

Shannon grew up involved with a Pitbull kennel club in her home town and fell in love with the breed. There are very few things that get her mad, and BSL is one of them!

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